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My Recommended Hurricane Supplies
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law


_____ Instant coffee
_____ Instant tea
_____ Powdered milk
_____ Pancake mix (the kind that requires water only)
_____ Buttermilk
_____ Cans of evaporated milk
_____ Soft drinks
_____ Red wine (it has the virtue of being delicious at room temperature)
_____ Eggs
_____ Bread
_____ Rice
_____ Saltine Crackers
_____ Wheat Thins
_____ Tortillas
_____ Peanut butter
_____ Jelly
_____ Sardines (King Oscar makes the best ones)
_____ Apples
_____ Oranges
_____ Bananas
_____ Other fresh fruit
_____ Raisins
_____ Dried fruit
_____ Canned fruit
_____ Applesauce
_____ Canned juice concentrates that don't require refrigeration
_____ Cereal
_____ Jiffy Pop (don't count on the microwave)
_____ Peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc.
_____ Cheeses
_____ Honey
_____ Vitamins
_____ PowerBars or other meals in a bar
_____ Cookies
_____ Hard candy
_____ Marshmallows (Both treats and entertainment when cooking outside)
_____ Spaghetti
_____ Spaghetti sauce
_____ Packaged sliced meats (turkey, ham, etc.)
_____ Pinto beans
_____ Pork and Beans
_____ Rotel's Diced Tomatoes & Chile Peppers
_____ Canned soups


_____ Get fresh supplies of all prescription medicines. A two week supply is the MINIMUM (and don't forget medicines for babies and pets)
_____ Contact lens supplies
_____ Cold medicines
_____ Alka selzer
_____ Anti-diarrhea medication
_____ Headache medicines
_____ Hydrogen Peroxide
_____ Rubbing alcohol
_____ Iodine
_____ Salve for wounds
_____ Vaseline
_____ Insect repellant
_____ After Bite (for relief of itching)


_____ Dog and/or cat food
_____ Dog treats
_____ Extra prescription medications for your pet
_____ Water for your pet
_____ Towels to dry your pet off when he decides to go outside in the rain
_____ A wind-proof umbrella if you have to accompany your pet outside to do his business


_____ Fire extinguishers
_____ LED flashlights
_____ Flourscent flashlights for reading
_____ Battery operated black & white TV
_____ Battery operated AM-FM radio(with Weather-Alert)
_____ Coleman lantern
_____ Tree saw for cutting fallen limbs
_____ Charcoal
_____ Charcoal fluid, or, better, a chimney charcoal starter
_____ Duct tape (Gorilla brand is my favorite. One can use it to tape over a broken glass, and a hundred other things)
_____ Fix-a-Flat aerosol
_____ Gloves
_____ crowbar
_____ hand saw
_____ chain saw
_____ cordless drill and bits. Make sure the drill is fully charged.
_____ 100 feet of stout rope
_____ 100 feet of 550 paracord
_____ cable ties in various lengths


_____ Drinking Water in clean containers. Allow at least 2 gallons per person per day. Plan on at least one week's worth (14 gallons) of drinking water per person.
_____ Other water (for flushing toilet, washing hands, bathing)(a 30 gallon plastic trash bag can transform a dirty trash can into an acceptable container of non potable water)
_____ Water purification tablets (available at camping supply stores)
_____ Thermos for keeping beverages hot
_____ Coleman-type cooler to keep food cool
_____ At least two battery operated fans
_____ Lamp oil
_____ Matches
_____ BIC lighters
_____ AA size batteries
_____ AAA size batteries
_____ C size batteries
_____ D size batteries
_____ 9 volt batteries
_____ an inverter
_____ Sterno
_____ Candles
_____ Full propane tanks for gas grill (at least three full tanks)
_____ Lighter fluid
_____ Full tank of gas
_____ Solar shower (available at camping supply stores. Hang the container from a tree and enjoy a hot shower.
_____ Baby supplies such as baby food, diapers, baby formula, bottles, medicines, etc.
_____ Tampax, etc.
_____ Extra cash (remember, banks and ATMs may be closed if we lose electricity)
_____ Fully charged cellular phone
_____ Charge all of your lipstick chargers
_____ First aid stuff (bandages, antiseptic, gauze, tape, sterile bandages, thermometer
_____ 55 gallon garbage can (for holding water to flush the toilets)
_____ Clorox (1/4 tsp per gallon of water will help purify water in an emergency)
_____ extra SDHC cards for still and video cameras
_____ Paper towels
_____ Toilet paper
_____ Pre-moistened towelettes
_____ Waterless hand cleaner
_____ Manual can opener (no electricity needed!)
_____ Paper plates
_____ Aluminum foil, heavy duty
_____ box of 30 gallon or larger garbage bags. 1.1 mil is the minimum thickness I recommend.
_____ Plastic sheeting (like painters drop cloths) to cover large valuables (like furniture) in case there are roof leaks or broken windows. Plastic garbage bags (30 gallon and up) can be used in a pinch. As is, they will close over small items. Make sure the tied-off top is not at a position where it will catch water and direct water inside the bag. If you cut the bag at the seams you can have an improvised drop cloth of fairly good size. Also, use duct tape to make a large drop cloth of several garbage bags if you forgot to buy plastic sheets.
_____ Zip Lock bags for keeping things dry. Get some one and two gallon freezer bags.
_____ Mops and buckets for clean-up
_____ several sponges
_____ rubber garden boots
_____ rain suit
_____ Duct tape
_____ bungee cords
_____ Bags of ice for daily use
_____ Coleman-type cooler to keep ice. This is in addition to coolers to keep daily food. The object is to open the coolers as seldom as possible. Coolness is lost each time one opens a cooler.
_____ Partially fill plastic one-litre or larger soft drink bottles with water and place in freezer. The bottles will freeze without cracking. (They have stronger plastic than one gallon water bottles.) If the power goes out the frozen water will help keep the freezer cool. When the ice melts the water will stay in the container and you still have drinkable water. Do not use milk bottles. It is almost impossible to get all the milk out.
_____ Dry ice
_____ Sleeping bags
_____ pillows
_____ blankets
_____ hiking shoes
_____ extra eye glasses

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