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Facts about the Titanic
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

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Question: Why is it called the "R.M.S." Titanic?
Answer: The R.M.S. Titanic carried mail. Onboard was an actual post office for handling the mail. R.M.S. stands for Royal Mail Steamship.

Question: How many third-class passengers were there?
Answer: 1,026.

Question: How many third-class cabins were there?
Answer: 222.

Question: Were any first-class passenger children lost in the sinking?
Answer: Two-year-old Loraine Allison was the only first-class child lost in the sinking.

Question: How were the passengers told that meals were ready to be served?
Answer: A bugler played The Roast Beef of Old England. This was the tune used on White Star ships.

Question: What were the dimensions of the Titanic?
Answer: According to official plans, the Titanic was 882.6 feet in length and 92.6 feet in breadth.

Question: How many passengers was the Titanic designed to carry?
Answer: 3547.

Question: How many smokestacks did the Titanic have?
Answer: This is a trick question. Technically, none. "Smokestacks" on ships are called funnels. Although the Titanic had four funnels, only three worked. The other funnel was just for looks.

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