Introduction to Pruning Your Roses in Houston (based on a speech at Buchanan's Native Plants on 2/3/07)

Pruning Your Roses

Growing Roses in Containers in Houston

Summer Watering for Your Roses in Houston

Building Your New Rose Bed in Houston

Climbing Roses

My Favorite Roses for Houston

Roses We Grow at Talking Leaves

Easy to Grow Roses for Your First Rose Garden

Reports of Roses Resistant to Blackspot

DIY Irrigation Systems the Easy Way

Recommended Books about Growing Roses

Book Review: Decoding Gardening Advice

How to Buy a Rose in a Pot

How to Plant a Containerized Rose in Houston

Some Basic Questions and Answers on Roses

Some Information on Rose Patents

Suggestions on Where to Buy Roses

The Houston Rose Society

The Texas Rose Rustlers

Rose Resources and Links

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