Rose Resources: What You Need and Where to Find It

by Donald Ray Burger, Attorney at Law

Local Nurseries Selling Roses (alphabetically)

  • Arbor Gate,
    15635 FM 2920 - Tomball, Texas 77377 (281) 351-8851

Mail Order Sources for Roses (alphabetically)

Where to Buy Tools, Chemicals and Organic Products for Houston (alphabetically)

  • Kimbrew-Walter Roses,
    2001 VZ County Road 1219, Grand Saline, Texas 75140 (877) 597 6737

  • Wabash Antiques & Feed Store
    5701 Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas 77007 (713) 863 8322

Web Sites of Select Rose Societies(alphabetically)

Miscellaneous Web Sites(alphabetically)

  • Donald Burger's site on Growing Roses in Houston

  • The Rosarian An interesting site featuring Gertrude Jekyll on roses, rose prints by Redoute and rose forums

  • A website covering hybrid teas, OGR's and miniature roses.

Recommended Books on Growing Roses(alphabetically)

1. Antique Rose Emporium Catalogue. Issued yearly. Around 100 pages. Great resource for antique roses. Great pictures and good information on the eventual size of these beauties.

2. Antique Roses for the South by William C. Welch. 1990. Taylor Publishing Company. Hardback. 201 pages. The book on growing antique roses in the South. A complete guide. Don't miss it.

3. The Organic Rose Garden by Liz Druitt. 1996. Taylor Publishing Company. Hardback. 210 pages. This is the best guide for disease-resistant roses and how to rose garden using an organic approach.

4. Ortho's All About Roses by Tommy Cairns. 1999. OrthoBooks. Paperback. This is a great, inexpensive introduction to growing roses. It is not geared specifically for our area, but it contains very good pictures of many roses, with a guide to which ones do well in our climate zone.

5. Roses for Dummies, by Lance Walheim. 2000. IDG Books. Paperback. 351 pages. This is an excellent introduction to most aspects of rose growing. It would make an excellent choice as your first book on roses. It is crammed with lots of information, which is presented in an easy-to-follow style. Highly recommended.

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