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Motorcycle Gloves
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Gloves provide many benefits while riding motorcycles. First, they keep your hands from becoming numb from the cold. Remember the "wind chill" factor? Well, bikers create their own wind chill as they go down the road. Gloves will minimize that.

Second, gloves may keep you from crashing as you react when that large insect or rock hits your hand at highway speeds. Ouch.

Third, gloves designed for motorcycle riding have built-in advantages such as extra padding in the palms and effective closures at the wrist to help keep the gloves from coming off in the event of a laydown.

I purchased a pair of Lee Parks DeerTours deerskin gloves. Expensive, but worth it. They are so thin that I can fish out my wallet, get out my credit card, and get needed gas, all without taking my gloves off. I have watched other riders have to take off their thick gloves to do many of the things one is always doing on a bike. Pay the extra money and get some Lee Parks gloves. You won't regret it.

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