Water Gardening Ideas from Pictures
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Water Gardening, Sept 1996, page 9: A pond where plants almost obscure the water-at least from this camera view (may be "backside" of pond from surrounding pictures).

Water Gardening, 9/96, p. 11: simple concrete (or maybe rock) bridge. Nice edge treatment.

Water Gardening, 9/96, p. 13: Simple bridge. Interesting finials on it.

Water Gardening 9/96, p. 27: Nice overview of stream/ponds in a basically flat area.

Water Gardening, 4/96, p.82: Good picture of transition from pond to bog/dry stream bed through use of river rocks.

Water Gardening, 4/96 p. 7: Nice view of pond in an ad. Shows transition area & use of landscape timbers on end to delineate elevated area.

Water Gardening,4/96, pp. 8,9: Nice, natural-looking waterfalls. Note how only a few big boulders carry the use of many smaller rocks.

Water Gardening,4/96, p. 10: Great overall view of a waterfall emptying into a 16 x 6 foot pond. Shows planting in the berm.

Water Gardening, 4/96, p. 51: Good picture of a simple, small concrete arched bridge.

Water Gardening, 4/96 pp. 51-55. Lots of pictures of bridges.

Water Gardening, 4/96 p. 57: More pictures of simple bridges.

Water Gardening, 9/96, p. 8: Good picture of entire pond. Note edge treatment. Also, this is a "two section" pond system where plants are in one section and koi are in the other section. Also note effect of the (too few) rocks in water.

Water Gardening July/Aug 1996: p. 95: Picture shows unnatural look of edge bordering a preformed pond.
Water Gardening July/Aug 1996: p. 70: Good pictures of a large stream under construction.

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