How to Subscribe to Water Gardening Magazine
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

I guess it is no secret that I am a big fan of Water Gardening magazine. I think it is an excellent source of information. It is published six times per year. Each issue is over 100 pages of articles, pictures and worthwhile ads. I am amazed at the amount of useful information in each issue.

Subscriptions go for $20 for one year and $35 for two years, as of the date of the latest revision to this article. Phone orders are taken at 219 374 9419. Fax is 219 374 9052.

Don't miss this magazine. For those of you in Houston, Buchanan's Native Plants, (611 East 11th Street, Houston, Texas, 77008, (713) 861 5702) often has back issues. Happy reading.

Last revised: July 22, 1998.

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