Donald Burger's
Water Garden Page of On-Line Resources

Acquatic Eco-Systems, Inc's Web Site. Lots of products for sale. Fully indexed for ease of use.

Brad's Free Watergardening Advice. Lots of good advice.

This is the homepage of Liz Gensheimer. She shares my interests in butterfly gardening and garden railroading. Be sure and check out her web site.

Web Site of Eamonn Hughes, Master Water Garden Designer

Jen & Rob's Pond Page. Good page. Tells the story of their pond experiences.

Great page on building ponds by Gosta H Lovgren. Eclectic.

Nelson Water Gardens and Nursery - right here near Houston in Katy.Don't miss this excellent store.

This web site from Savio--supplies of skimmers.

This web site from Tetra contains much useful information about their product line.

Rock-on-a-Roll website

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