What to Take on Your Wildflower Trip
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

This is my list of some things to take on a trip to the Hill Country. It probably appears over-inclusive. It is intended to be so. You don't have to take everything on the list. I don't always, either. However, remember that there are lots of small towns in the Hill Country and it is sometimes hard to find stores open after dark. Better to take the food and medicines you like than to find out they are not available in the town in which you are staying. Plus, it is usually cheaper to buy this stuff in advance than from a convenience store. Be prepared.


_____ Ground coffee
_____ Tea bags
_____ Bottled water
_____ Soft drinks
_____ Red wine
_____ Corkscrew
_____ Small carrots, for snacks
_____ Meal bars
_____ Fruit


_____ Vitamins
_____ Extra set of car keys
_____ Books on tape
_____ CD's for car
_____ Hanging garment bag
_____ Any regular prescriptions
_____ Checkbook
_____ Cups for iced tea
_____ List of key phone numbers
_____ AAA Guide for Texas
_____ Two-way radios
_____ Fix-a-Flat aerosol
_____ Thermos
_____ Fully charged cellular phone
_____ Cell phone recharger
_____ 35 mm camera
_____ 35 mm pocket camera
_____ ASA 100 film for still camera
_____ Video camera
_____ Battery charger for video camera
_____ Film for video camera
_____ Paper towels
_____ Pre-moistened towelettes
_____ Light jackets
_____ Hats
_____ Standard Texas map
_____ Giant The Roads of Texas map-book
_____ Folder on places to see in Hill Country
_____ Compass
_____ Towels to wipe feet if muddy
_____ Small first aid kit
_____ Kleenex
_____ Hiking shoes
_____ Extra eye glasses
_____ Cacti of Texas, by Del Weniger
_____ Wildflowers of the Texas Hill Country, by Marshall Enquist
_____ A Field Guide to Southwestern and Texas Wildflowers, by Niehaus/Ripper/Savage


_____ Your favorite allergy medicine
_____ Your favorite cold medicine
_____ Your favorite cough drops
_____ Your favorite headache medicine
_____ Contact lens supplies
_____ Glass eye cup (to wash out dust etc. from eye)
_____ Mycitracin or other salve for wounds
_____ Insect repellant (the ones with DEET work best)
_____ After Bite (for relief of itching)
_____ Calamine lotion
_____ Chigarid (for chigger bites)
_____ Tweezers
_____ Magnifying glass (to spot splinters)
_____ Lip balm
_____ Suntan lotion

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