compiled by Donald Burger
Attorney at Law

Comanche Valley Vigilantes

Cowboy Action Shooting

CAS City

Cowboy Emporium

Cowboy Outfitters

Cimmaron Arms Website

Gun Video Cowboy Action videos

Gunfighter Zone

Bar H Productions. CAS videos.

Kirkpatrick Leather. Western holsters.

The Louis L'Amour Trading Post

The Old Corral (Remembering the B-Western Movie, Heroes, Heroines, Sidekicks & Heavies) This site is fantastic. Great biographies of the B-Western film stars and tons of pictures from their movies and posters. Don't miss this comprehensive site.


Northsea Traders. Hats

Shoot! Magazine

Single Action Shooting Society

The Shootin Iron

Tejas Pistoleros Shooting Club

Texas Historical Shootist Society


Texas Jacks

Texas Regulators

Tin Star Ranch: Cimmaron Firearms Range Wars

Trail's End Muzzleloading Supplies

Walker '47

Wild West Mercantile Clothing

Winfield Cover Company. Leather hats.

Last revised February 10, 2001

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