Naval Minewarfare Association
by Tommie Latin Burger
(as told to Donald Ray Burger)

This organization was founded on December 5, 1982. Its purpose is "to perpetuate the memory of those who have served and are now serving-the history of Naval Minewarfare-and its continuance of its fine comradeship."

The NMA publishes a quarterly magazine devoted to the history of minesweepers, their crews and current activities of interest to its members.

To contact this organization write:
Naval Minewarfare Association
126 Maple Street
Narvon, PA 17555

To visit their web site, click here

Also, don't forget the Naval Minewarfare Association 1998 Annual Convention at Drawbridge Estate, in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky from October 8 to 13th, 1998. Fort Mitchell is just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio and near the Cincinnati Airport.

Last revised July 9, 1998

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