General Tips on Growing Tomatoes in Houston

by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Be sure to read my other sections on growing tomatoes in Houston. This page collects tips that did not readily fit under one of the listed subtopics. Tips appear in random order.

Tomatoes need two inches of water per week.

Take off the lower leaves once the tomato plants become established to help prevent soil borne diseases from going up the plant via splashing from watering.

Unless you like small holes in your tomatoes, use bird netting to keep our winged friends at bay. It really works.

Tomatoes are either determinate or indeterminate. Determinate tomatoes tend to produce their fruit all at once. Indeterminate tomatoes produce over a longer period of time.

I recommend buying your transplants in four inch pots. My success rate is higher, especially if I don't get the tomatoes planted right away. The six-packs tend to dry out overnight, if not sooner. Also, who wants six plants of the same kind. The larger the number of different plants you try, the more likely you'll get one that thrives in whatever weather is thrown at us.

You can get cuttings for your fall garden from the suckers on your spring plants. Suckers are the immature growth that comes out in the "v" between the stem and a main branch. They root easily and will give you a free tomato plant for your fall garden.

Last revised March 8, 1998

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