Favorite Staple Remover by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Favorite Staple Remover
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

A staple remover may not seem worthy of a listing on a "Favorites" page, but it is a tool we all use many times a week. Sometimes, many times a day. And so it is worthy of attention.

I absolutely hate the fang-like stable removers most people use to remove staples. The sharp prongs of the classic staple remover often rip the top page when one is trying to undo an especially secure staple. Also, the classic staple remover is bulky and ugly.

There is a better mousetrap. I recommend the Stanley-Bostitch G2K Chrome Premium Push Style Staple Remover. It is a work of art and functionality.

You push the rounded tip under the staple and the ever-increasing ridge on the stick gently raises the staple up, until it falls loose. No rips to paper. No cuts to fingers. It takes up little room in a desk drawer or in a briefcase. Simple elegance. A class product. Try one.

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