Outstanding Store-Bought Teas by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Outstanding Store-Bought Teas
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

I drink a lot of tea, both hot and cold. Some of my favorites are listed below. Happy sipping.

First thing in the morning tea:
"Earl Grey" by Twinings. Earl Grey is a clear winner in the tea bag category. This tea is a great "first tea of the day." Never bitter and nicely rounded flavor. Try it.

Bigelow makes a seasonal tea called "Ginger Snappish." It is really hard to find in Houston. I first had it in Llano in the Hill Country. I had the last bag they had. It was wonderful. I could not find it in Houston, and I looked a lot. I still have not found it in Houston. My supply comes from Fort Collins, Colorado. Must sell better in the cold country. Anyway, the tea has lemmongrass, lemon peel, ginger, and a very slight hint of cinnamon. Bigelow got the combination just right. Sad to say, you may have to order this on-line. If you find a source in Houston, let me know. Otherwise, buy lots of it when you head up to cold country.

During the day tea: Celestial Seasonings "Vanilla Maple" tea. This is a great tea to drink at work. Interesting flavors both in the aroma and the taste. Reminds me of butterscotch candy. I drink it hot. Sad to say, this tea is no longer available at stores. The decaffeinated version is not at all what this tea was. I am leaving this listing up in hopes that Celestial Seasonings will bring it back.

Just before bed tea:
Stash has a great tea for the end of the day, and even during the day. It is called "Wild Raspberry." It is caffeine free, and has a great sweet taste. There is actually the taste of raspberries in the tea. It has a wonderful purple/red color from the hibiscus. There is also orange peel and lemongrass. Stash got this one right. It is a little hard to find. The box and bag are a reddish color with a touch of pink and purple. I find that Central Market usually carries it. This tea is definitely worth a try.

Celestial Seaonings "Misty Mango" oolong tea. I don't especially like flavored teas but this tea is very nice at the end of the day. I'm leaving this entry up, but I am sad to say this tea is no longer available. Maybe Celestial seasonings will bring it back. I hope so.

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