Outstanding Store-Bought Salsa by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Outstanding Store-Bought Salsa
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

On one of my many trips to Albuquerque/Santa Fe I asked the gentleman at the Information Center at the airport to recommend a Mexican Restaurant that featured truly hot food. Without hesitation, I was told to head for Sadie's Restaurant at 6230 Fourth Street. Which I did.

The food was wonderful and some of the dishes were truly hot. I especially enjoyed the green chile stew. And the salsa, which is always my test of the worthiness of a Mexican Restaurant, was outstanding.

I got a couple of jars of the stuff for Christmas, and I started my search for a local source. I could not find it at Krogers, HEB or Rice. So Maria got on the web and discovered that you can mail order the stuff directly from the restaurant. Just go to www.SadiesSalsa.com. The salsa comes in both "Hot" and a "Not as Hot." I like both, but your guests may prefer the "Not as Hot." And, to my tastebuds, the "Not as Hot allows more subtle flavors to come through than is the case with the "Hot." That said, I alternate jars so I get to enjoy both. Give this salsa a try if you want to taste really great complex salsa at its finest. And if you learn of a source in Houston, drop me a note.

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