Outstanding Store-Bought Chocolate Milk: Mootopia by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Outstanding Store-Bought Chocolate Milk
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

I love chocolate milk. But I hate the extra calories and sugar in regular chocolate milk. Thus, I usually pass on the stuff.

Still, memories call and I sometimes give in. Ah, the taste. Because that's what chocolate milk is all about. But all that sugar . . . .

Now, there is a solution. For those of you lucky enough to live in Texas, get yourselves to an HEB and pick up a carton of HEB Mootopia in the chocolate flavor. The carton claims it's real reduced fat milk, only better. And they aren't kidding. First, the taste is wonderful. Thick, rich and chocolatey. Then, to assure guilt-free drinking, just check out the Nutrition box. Extra protein: 12 grams per cup. And only 11 grams of sugar. 150 calories. It's also lactose free. Wow.

The company says that the main ingredient is reduced sugar. I'm not at all sure what that is, but the less sugar the better. And, to top it all off, the taste is wonderful. I mean really wonderful. So relive your youth. Pour yourself a tall one and slug away.

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