Outstanding Store-Bought Carrot Juice by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Outstanding Store-Bought Carrot Juice
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

I love the taste of fresh carrot juice. Over the years, I have purchased various (and expensive) devices for making carrot juice. Most did a good job of giving you the juice, but all had drawbacks. Like the fact that juicers are hard to clean. And they take up lots of room. And it takes lots of carrots to make a small amount of juice. All this added up to buying carrot juice at the health food store, or doing without.

Now, there is another solution. Odwalla Carrot Juice is excellent. It has the perfect carrot juice taste. Without the expensive juicer. And without the clean up.

This juice is sold at grocery stores and at health food stores. Whole Foods carries it. So does Kroger. It is sold refrigerated. At Krogers you will usually find it in the refrigerated portion of the produce section. It's not especially cheap, but if you buy a quart you can have several small glasses of carrot juice by simply opening the container. This is a great convenience.

And, most of all, Odwalla Carrot Juice has the same taste as freshly juiced carrots. I mean exactly. Give it a try.

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