Outstanding Store-Bought Blackberry Jelly by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Outstanding Store-Bought Blackberry Jelly
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

I love blackberries. I grow blackberries. But not enough to make my own jelly, even if I had the time. So I am always looking for a great store-bought blackberry jelly. I have found one.

I highly recommend the Bekemeier's Blackberry Butter. It is an outstanding blackberry jelly. OK, I know they call it a "butter," not a "jelly," but you will love it just the same. It is full of blackberry flavor, and has a great texture. The bottle says it is stirred with a wooden paddle and cooked in copper kettles. However they do it, Bekemeier's gets the taste just right.

Here in the Houston area, I purchase my supplies from the Bass Pro Shop in Katy Mills Mall. To find a distributor near you call (417) 335-4663 or order direct from the Bekemeier's website at www.bekemeier.com Worth searching for.

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