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My Honda Rebel Blog: Memorable Rides
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

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Note to Readers:

For the first eighteen month I owned my Honda Rebel, I kept a blog of my rides. And I rode almost every day. I turned mile 20,000 on November 12, 2006, and decided to discontinue the daily blogs. I stayed away from writing for over a month. But I couldn't stay away forever. Thus, I have decided to chronicle interesting (to me) rides, but not on a daily basis. I hope I can keep the material fresh enough for you to enjoy. See you on the road. And don't forget to think.

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"My Super Bowl Run"

I am moving my law office. I moved into my current building the day it opened. That was 22 years ago. As you can imagine, I am not happy about the fact that the owners sold the building. Nor am I thrilled about going through twenty-two years of accumulated stuff. But, to avoid paying someone to move it to my new location, I have been spending every spare moment going through my papers.

And that is how I spent most of February 4, 2007, Super Bowl Sunday. Moving some items at the office. Going through files. Making way for a new beginning. Ugh.

I was still hard at work when three o'clock rolled around. Maria pointed out that if I wanted to be sure to avoid the alcoholic party goers, I'd better get in my ride soon. Even so, it was almost four by the time I had suited up, checked the air in the tires, and rolled down the driveway.

Temperatures outside were very pleasant, which was a nice change from recent times. I started up the bike, and headed out to do the warming-up portion of my ride.

My first hint that the ride would be unusual happened as I tooled down White Oak. I spotted a guy standing on his porch, sipping a drink wrapped in a brown paper bag. I guess not everyone was waiting till kickoff to start their celebrations.

Anyway, I continued on to the gas station and topped off the tank. I then entered I-10, heading east.

I worked my way over into the far left-hand lane, and took the exit for I-45 North. I didn't have a definite destination, but I was looking forward to a couple of hours of seat time. I knew, for sure, that I wanted to take the top-of-the-world exit from Beltway8 to Highway 59 South. I figured I would take I-45 north to the Beltway, and then cut over to Highway 59.

However, I rapidly changed my plans. Traffic was suddenly"stop-and-go," with the emphasis on "stop." I got an opportunity to practice a quick stop at high speed as I crested a rise. Time to reassess my route. I had not yet reached Loop 610, so I was able to head east on the North Loop. For whatever reason, there was little traffic on the Loop.

When I got to the exit for Highway 59, I headed north. I was weighing the chance o stop by the Half Price Books at 1960 versus the chance to get in some real seat time on the bike. As I neared Beltway 8, I decided to put off that decision for the moment in order to take my trip to the top-of-the-0world. I took the exit for Beltway 8 to the west, and exited at JFK Boulevard. I u-turned back to the east, and entered the Beltway. I inched my speed up to 60 mph* and made ready to enjoy the exit only Highway 59 South.

However, once again, my plains were altered. Just as I was shifting into fifth gear, traffic made a rapid slow-down. Not "quick-stop" stuff, but some definite hard braking nonetheless.

that both lanes were proceeding slowly up the ramp, but I could not spy the problem. I weaved to both outside edges of my lane, to no avail. A van was in front of me, making a very effective view block.

Shortly thereafter, the van speeded up and the problem was revealed. There, right in the middle of the ramp, straddling the center line separating the two lanes, was a pickup truck, with the front caved in. The driver was fruitlessly trying to restart the pickup. Skid marks were everywhere. And, oh yes, did I forget to mention that he was headed the wrong way on the ramp!

The driver continued his wasted efforts to restart his pickup as I made my way past him. He looked very animated. On the road, directly behind this truck, was a lonely sentinel offering a possible explanation for how this pickup ended up facing the wrong way on the ramp. An empty can of Busch beer rested near the driver's side rear tire. Who knows how many companions were still in the truck!

I decided that I had seriously misestimated the beginning of the Super Bowl Happy Hour. I resolved to get off the freeways as soon as possible. I headed directly home. Half Price would have to await another day. I held my breath as I headed south on Highway 59. When I reached I-10, I headed west to the Studemont exit, and back to the house. I passed a couple of parties that had spilled out onto various front lawns on my way my garage. Loud parties. Drinking parties. I was just glad that everyone was afoot.

I made it home without further incident, much to my relief. The odometer registered exactly 21,800, which was only forty-four moe miles than on Saturday. Not exactly the mileage count I had been hoping for, but at least I had returned unscathed. Some days it doesn't pay to get on the freeways. Especially on those times when the drinkers are out in force.

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*Note to Law Enforcement:

All statements of speeds on various streets are simple estimates, and solely for novelity purposes. Actual speeds vary, but are always lower. I'm sure that legal speed limits are never exceeded, anything in this blog to the contrary nowithstanding.

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