Pina Colada by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Pina Colada
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law


12 oz. pineapple juice (two of those little cans)
4 oz. Cruzan brand coconut rum
2 oz. cream of coconut
3 cups of ice cubes

2 straws Makes enough for two, with a little extra for a refill.

This is my personal favorite ratio of ingredients of the many pina colada recipes I have tried. It is simple, and captures the essence of this drink.

Get an 8 ounce (a sixteen ounce is better) Pyrex measuring cup. Pour the four ounces of rum into the cup. Add the cream of coconut. Cream of coconut should be refrigerated after opening, and cold cream of coconut is thick. You will have to scoop it out of the container in which you stored it. By putting the rum in first, it is easy to measure the almost solid cream of coconut by the way it raises the level of the rum in the Pyrex.

Add some of the pineapple juice to the Pyrex and stir to disperse the cream of coconut. Pour this mixture into a blender and add the balance of the pineapple juice. Then add 4 cups of ice cubes and blend until just slushy.

Add straws, music and enjoy.

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