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Canon S120 Tips
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Aperture Speed Range: f1.8 to f8 at max wide and f5.7 to f8 at max telephoto.

Aspect Ratio: Press FUNC to select 4:3 (default mode). 3:2 is equivalent to 35 mm.

Battery type: NB-6LH

Default Mode: To restore default factory modes, from SET Up menue select RESET ALL.

Exposure Mode: Flashing orange means a proper exposure cannot be obtained.

Flash: Raise the flash with the LIGHTNING BOLT switch and press the "arrow left" button to turn flash "off" or to "auto."

Flash Range: At max wide angle, 1.6 feet to 23 feet;
at max tele, 1.6 feet to 7.5 feet.

Formatting the Memory Card: From SET UP menue, select FORMAT.

Image Review: Select REVIEW option in "camera icon" to select how long images appear after shooting.

Image Size: Press FUNC to select Raw + JPEG.

ISO: Press FUNC oruse control ring to select an ISO.

ISO Range: 80 to 12,800 or AUTO for camera's computer to select.

Metering: Press FUNC, select CBS symbol:
Evaluative, metering is calculated from multiple frame segments.
An empty screen: Metering is Center Weighted Average.
Screen with a dot in cernter: Metering taken from the center spot.

Reset: To reset to default modes, from SET Up menue select RESET ALL.

Self Timer: Press FUNC to select. The self timer icon is a circle with a second hand and a dot on top. Timer delays are 10 seconds and 2 seconds.

Shutter Speed Range: 15 seconds to 1/2500 sec.

Zoom: 24 mm to 140 mm.

Created February 29, 2012

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