Know Thy Enemy:
A Thesaurus for the Police State

compiled by Donald Burger, Attorney at Law

Absolute Monarch, Big Brother, Camelot, Democracies, Dictatorship, Empire, Garrison State, Leviathan, Nanny State, Omnipotent State, Police State, Regime, Totalitarian State, Tyranny, Utopia, Welfare State

Benign Dictator, Caesar, Commandant, Czar, Despot, Dictator, Extortioner, Fuhrer, Generalissimo, Kaiser, King, Liege, Lord, Master, Philosopher King, Tsar, Tyrant, Whip Hand

The Authorities, Brown Nosers, Commandants, Commissars, Do-Gooders, Enslavers, Fawners, Fellow Travelers, Flunkies, Henchmen, Hooligans, Jack-booted Thugs, Lackeys, Lap Dogs, Levellers, Looters, Minions, Ministers, Oppressors, Parasites, Patrons, Pillagers, Power Mongers, Prefects, Robbers, Ruffians, Storm Troopers, Swindlers, Sycophants, Thieves, Thugs, Toadies

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