Miscellaneous Sites about Liberty
compiled by Donald Burger, Attorney at Law

This is a cutting edge site. LewRockwell.com is radical libertarian. The site picks columns from all over the web and features them. Always provocative. Always worth a visit.

Ludwig von Mises Institute
This is a great source for information and books about Austrian economics, and liberty in general.

TomWoods.com Find the podcasts here. Best 30 minutes a day on libertarianism.
CafeHayek.com Nice site on Austrian economics. I visit daily.
AntiWar.com Libertarian foreign policy from an anti-war perspective.
Advocates for Self Government This is a long-time outreach group that features the world's smallest political quiz. The organization is optimistic and positive in its approach. They believe that liberty is such a good product that, with the proper presentation, it cannot help but sell itself.

The Cato Institute
This is the website for the the most famous libertarian think tank. Cato does excellent work on liberty issues, and you will often find their people quoted by the press. Check here for scholarly articles on current issues touching on liberty.

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