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by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

This is my collection of links about liberty.

Because I don't write the words on these links, I don't always agree with everything on the sites. That said, I believe an interested, open-minded reader will find much of value on these sites, even if the reader has minor (or even major) points of disagreement. And that may be a valuable point. Those who value liberty must tolerate honest differences of opinion, so long as those holding those opinions don't initiate the use of force to impose their views on others. Liberty means the freedom to act as one evaluates one's own best interests, so long as one does not initiate the use of force. That may mean that you decide to act in a way I would not. But so long as you are not initiating the use of force against me, I must respect your right to your opinions, just as you must respect my right to choose mine. And no vote, however large, and no government official, however well-meaning, can change this fundamental aspect of respect for liberty. Keep that in mind as you roam these links.

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