Books about Liberty

by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Age of Reason, by Thomas Paine
All of One Peace
Anatomy of the State, by Murray Rothbard
Anti-Trust: The Case for Repeal, by Dominick Armentano
Art of Living Consciously, by Nathaniel Branden
Ayn Rand Lexicon, edited by Harry Binswanger
Back on the Road to Serfdom, by Thomas Woods
Bargaining with the State, by Richard Epstein
Basic Economics, by Thomas Sowell
Beaurocracy, by Ludwig von Mises
Betraryal of the American Right, by Murray Rothbard
Bloodtaking and Peacemaking, by William Ian Miller
Bourbon for Breakfast: Living Outside the Statist Quo, by Jeffery Tucker
Bourgeois Virtues: Ethics for an Age of Commerce, by Deirde McCloskey
Calculated Chaos
Capitalism and the Historians, by F.A. Hayek
Champions of Liberty, Volume 30
Chaos Theory: Two Esays on Market Anachry, by Robert P. Murphy
The Choice, by Russel Roberts
Christians for Freedom: Late Scholoastic Economics, by Alejandro Chafuen
Classical Liberalism, by David Conway
The Complaint of Peace, by Erasmas
The Complete Libertarian Forum
The Constitution of Liberty, by F.A. Hayek
The Costs of War, by John Denson
The Critics of Keyesian Economics
Crony Capitalism in America: 2008 - 2012, by Hunder Lewis
Day of Deceit, by Robert Stinnett
The Debates of Liberty: An Overwiew of Anarchism 1881 - 1908, edited by Wendy McElroy
The Decline of American Liberalism, by Arthur A. Ekrich, Jr.
Defending the Undefendable, by Walter Block
In Defense of Advertising, by Jerry Kirkpatrick
Democracy: The God that Failed, by Hans Hoppe
Discovery of Freedom, by Rose Wilder Lane
The Eonomics and Ethics of Private Property, by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Economics for Real People
The Economics of Liberty, by Lew Rockwell
Egalatarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, by Murray N. Rothbard
Entretiens Sur Les Lois Economies Et Defense De La Propriete (1848), by Gustave de Molinari
The Essential Rothbard, by David Gordon
Ethics of Liberty, by Murray Rothbard
Everything Voluntary, by Skyler Collins, Editor
Fascism versus Capitalism, by Lew Rockwell
The Fatal Conceit, by F.A. Hayek
The First Liberty, by William Lee Miller
For a New Liberty, by Murray Rothbard
For a New Liberty, Autographed by Murray Rothbard
Fossil Fuels Improve the Planet, by Alex Epstein
////the Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution, by Brion McClanahan
Freedom in Chains, by James Bovard
Freedom Under Seige, by Ron Paul
Free Market Revolution
Friedrick Hayek, by Alan Ebenstein
From Dictatorship to Democracy, by Gene Sharp
FDR's Folly, by Jim Powell
A Foreign Policy of Freedom
Goddess of the Market
Government of Wolves, by John Whitehead
The Great Libertarian Offer, by Harry Brown
The Great Idea, by Henry Hazlitt
Great Myths of the Great Depression, by Lawrence W. Reed
Halestorm, by Becky Akiers
A History of Money and Banking in the United States, by Murray N. Rothbard
How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life, by Russ Roberts
Human Action (4th Revised Edition), by Ludwig von Mises
Human Action (The Scholar's Edition), by Ludwig von Mises
Human Action Study Guide, by Robert P. Murphy
A Humane Economy, by Wilhelm Ropke
Hypocrites and Half-Wits, by Donald Boudreaux
I Am John Galt
I Choose Liberty
Ideas of Ayn Rand, by Ronald Merrill
The Illusion of Victory, by Thomas Fleming
I Must Speak Out
In Danger Undaunted, by Justor Doenecke
An Introduction to Economic Reasoning, by David Gordon
The Invisible Hand in Popular Culture, by Paul Cantor
It's Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong
It's a Jetsons World, by Jeffrey Tucker
John Stuart Mill, by Eugene August
Jury Nullification: The Evolution of a Doctrine, by Clay S. Conrad
The Law, by Frederic Bastiat
The Left, the Right and the State, by Lew Rockwell
Lessons for the Young Economist, by Robert P. Murphy
Letters of AynRand, by Micahel Berliner, Editor
Libertarian Essays, by David B. Klein
Libertarianism, by David Boaz
The Libertarian Reader, by David Boaz
Liberty and Happiness
A Life of One's Own, by David Kelley
Literature and Economics of Liberty, by Paul A Cantor and Stephen Cox
Making Economic Sense, byMurray N. Rothbard
The Man Versus the State, by Herbert Spencer
Market Liberalism, by David Boaz
Mises and Austrian Economics, by Ron Paul
Miss Liberty's Guide to Film and Video
The Most Dangerous Superstitution, by Larken Rose
Mostly on the Edge, by Karl Hess
The Moral Animal, by Robert Wright
The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, by Alex Epstein
The Morality of Law, by Lon Fuller
Morality and the Law, edited by Robert M. Baird
The Morals of Markets and Related Essays, by H.B. Acton
Mr. Jefferson, by Albert Jay Nock M
The Myth of National Defense, by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
New Individualist Review
The Nobelist Triumph, by Tom Bethell
Non-Violence, by Mark Kurlansky
Notes on Democracy, by HL Mencken
No Treason, by Lysander Spooner
Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century, by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
Obediance to Authority, by Stanley Milgram
Omnipotent Government, by Ludwig von Mises
100 Voices: An Oral History of Ayn Rand, by Scott McConnell. 2010. New American Library. Paperback. 638 pages.

Peace with Honor, by A. A. Milne
Persons, Rights and the Moral Community
A Plea for Liberty, by Thomas Mackay
Planning for Freedom, by Ludwig von Mises
The Pleasure Police, by David Shaw
On Power by Jouvenal
The Power of Non-Violence
Practicing Peace, by Catherine Whitmire
Principles of Ethics (2 volumes), by Herbert Spencer
Private Cures for Public Ills
The Privatization of Roads & Highways, by Walter Block
The Problem of Political Authority, by Michael Huemer
The Production of Security, by Gustave de Molinari
Professor Lord Acton, by Owen Chadwick
Progressivism: A Primer on the Idea Destroying America, by James Ostrowski
The Quotable Mises, by Mark Thornton, Editor
Rational Optimistim, by Mattr Ridley
Real Dissent, by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
A Renegade History f the United States, by Tadddeus Russell
Resurgence of the Warfare State, by Robert Higgs
The Revolution, by Ron Paul
The Right of Privacy, by Ellen Alderman
The Robert Heinlein Interview, by J. Neil Schulman
Robert Nozick: Property, Justice and the Minimal State, by Jonathan Wolff
The Roots of Capitalism, by John Chamberlain
Roots of Freedom, by John W. Danford
Rules for Living, by Henry Hazlitt
Secession, State & Liberty, by David Gordon, editor
Socialism, by Ludwig von Mises
Speaking of Liberty, by Lew Rockwell
The State of the Union, by Albert Jay Nock
The State vs. the People, by Claire Wolfe
Study Guide to Man, Economy and State by Robert P. Murphy
Suicide Pact: The Radical Expansion of Presidential Powers and the Lethal Threat to American Liberty, by Andrew P. Napolitano. 2014. Nelson Books. Hardback.

Taking Liberties: The War on Terror and the Erosion of American Democracy, by Susan N. Herman
Terrorism and Tyranny, by James Bovard
The Theory of Moral Sentiments, by Adam Smith
Three Essays, by John Stuart Mill
Time Will Run Back, by Henry Hazlitt
The Tyranny of Good Intentions, by Paul Craig Roberts
Toward the Light of Liberty, by A.C. Grayling
Understanding Objectivism, by Leonard Peikoff
Unrugged Individualism, by David Kelley
Viking Age Iceland, by Jesse Byock
Vision of Ayn Rand, by Nathaniel Brandon
War Collectivism: Power, Business and the Intellectual Class in World War I, by Murray N. Rothbard
War in a Force that Gives Us Meaning, by Chris Hedges
What Has Government Done to Our Money, by Murray N. Rothbard
What It Meanss to Be a Libertarian, by Charles Murray
What to Do When You Don't Want to Call the Cops, by Joan Kennedy Taylor
The World of Andrew Carnegie, by Louis Hacher
Your Money or Your Life, by Sheldon Richmond

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