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Basics of Concealed Handgun Licenses
in Texas
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

For the Steps in Obtaining a CHL in Texas,
click here.

For a copy of the Texas Constitution's Bill of Right on the right to keep and bear arms,
(Article 1, Section 23),
click here.

Some of the sections of the Government Code dealing with concealed handgun license include:
411.171 (definitions)
411.172 (eligibility)
411.173 (nonresident license)
411.174 (application)
411.175 (request for application materials)
411.176 (review of application materials)
411.177 (issuance or denial of license)
411.178 (notice to local law enforcement)
411.179 (form of license)
411.180 (notification of denial, revocation or suspension of license; review)
411.181 (notice of change of address or name)
411.182 (notice)
411.183 (expiration)
411.184 (modification)
411.185 (renewal)
411.186 (revocation)
411.187 (suspension of license)
411.188 (handgun proficiency requirement)
411.189 (handgun proficiency certificate)
411.190 (qualified handgun instructors)
411.191 (review of denial, revocation, or suspension of certification as qualified handgun instructor)
411.192 (confidentiality of records)
411.193 (statistical report)
411.194 (reduction of fees due to indigency)
411.195 (reduction of fees for senior citizens)
411.196 (method of payment)
411.197 (rules)
411.198 (law enforcement officer alias handgun license)
411.199 (honorably retired peace officers)
411.1991 (active peace officers)
411.200 (application for licensed security officers)
411.201 (active and retired judicial officers)
411.202 (license a benefit)
411.203 (rights of employers)
411.204 (notice required on certain premises)
411.205 (displaying license; penalty)
For a copy of the Government Code,
click here.

Last Revised 1/21/04

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