Grout Cleaner: Lysol Bathroom Cleaner by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
Grout Cleaner: Lysol Bathroom Cleaner
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

I do not claim any expertise in cleaning the bathroom. And I can't even remember why I bought Lysol Bathroom Cleaner in the first place. Well, of course, it was because the shower had dirty grout. But something else surely triggered my impulse to try this particular product. I just can't remember what it was.

You know the black mold that grows in the grout on your tile. Mold that resists all manly attempts to eradicate it with hard scrubbing. Grout that hides in the porous recesses of the grout, mocking your attempts to rub it out. That mold.

Well, if you have this problelm, try brains over brawn. Lysol Bathroom Cleaner works by just spraying it on the grout. It contains very concentrated form of citric acid (2.5%), and the spray will eat the black mold like it was cotton candy. Dirty grout will look brand new. And no scrubbing is involved.

I do want to warn you about a couple of things: Watch out where the spray lands. If you have a wash cloth in the shower, remove it. The overspray will leave any towel or wash cloth as white as it will leave the grout. Which is a good thing in grout, but not a good thing in wash cloths. Last time I checked, tie-dyed was not in style in bathroom accoutrements.

You should also be aware that Lysol Bathroom Cleaner has a heavy "chlorine-like" scent. They call it Island Breeze, but it will probably remind you of the shower stalls at the gym. The smell is that bold. So keep that in mind when you are using it. Spray after your morning shower and the smell will (mostly) be gone by the time you return home from work. Spray just before bed and you will not enjoy the aroma-therapy wafting through the house. I have have never been reminded of an "island breeze."

Although I have not made a study of grout cleaners, I have found the Lysol Bathroom Cleaner wonderfully effective for making old grout white again. With the above warnings as to cloth and nose, give it a try.

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