My French Books
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Above Paris, by Robert Cameron. 1984. Cameron and Company. Hardback. Received 12/1/14.

Beginner's French, by Catrine Carpenter. 1992. Teach Yourself Books. Paperback. Purchased 2/17/11

Beginning French for the Uterly Confused, by A. Sebastian Mercado. 2003. Paperback. McGraw Hill. Purchased 12/30/2014.

The Berlitz Self-Teacher: French, by Berlitz. 1949. Paperback.

Les Bons Mots: How to Amaze Tout le Monde with Everyday French, by Eugene Ehrlich. 1977. Paperback.

Bon Voyage (Glencoe French 1), by Conrad Schmitt. 2005. Hardback.

Cent Poemes de la Resistance, by Alain Guerin. 2010. Paperback. Purchased 5/29/15.

Cinema for French Conversation, by Anne-Christine Rice. 2013. Focus Publishing. Paperback. Purchased 11/11/14.

Clotilde's Edible Adventures in Paris, by Clotilde Dusoulier. 2008. Broadway Books. Paperback. Received 1/15/15.

The Complete Idiots Guide to Learning French, Third Edition, by Gail Stein

Correct Your French Blunders, by Veronique Mazet. Second Edition. Paperback. 2012. Purchased 5/29/15.

Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmond Rostand. (A Dual Language Book). Hardback.

Easy French, by Katie Daynes and Nicole Irving. Paperback. 2002. Purchased 1/54/16. Easy French Crossword Puzzles, by R. de Roussy de Sales. Purchased 1/29/15

Easy French Exercises: Practice for Beginners, by Stephanie Ryback. 1994. 91 pages. Purchased June 2015 Easy French Reader, Second Edition, by R. de Roussy de Sales. 2009. Paperback.

Easy Outlines: French: Second Edition, by Mary E. Coffman Crocker. 2011. Paperback.

Eating and Drinking in Paris, by Andy Herbach. Open Road Publishing. Paperback. 128 pages. Received 1/12/15.

une envie de Verite, by Cecilia Attias. Purchased 1/29/15

Essential French Verbs, by Paul Coggie. Paperback. Purchased 1/29/15

Everyday French, by Eugene Ehrlich

Everything You Need to Know about Learning French, by Bruce Sallee and David Hebert. Paperback. 2005. Purchased 8/28/16.

Eyewitness Travel: France. Rosemary Bailey, editor. DK. Paperback. Received 12/1/14.

Fifty Ways to Improve YKour French, by Marie-Jo Merelle and Lorna Wright. 2010. Paperback. Purchased 11/11/15

501 French Verbs, Fifth Edition Paperback. Purchased by MRT 9/4/15

501 French Verbs, Fifth Edition Paperback. Purchased by DRB 11/4/15.

Flip Quiz French!, by Miles Kelly. 2003. Paperback.

Flirting with French: How a Language Charmed Me, Seduced Me & Nearly Broke My Heart, by William Alexander. 2014. Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. Paperback. Received 11/10/14.

Fluent Forever, by Gabriel Wyner. 2014. Harmony Books. Paperback. Received 11/18/14.

French, A Lonely Planet book. 2003. Paperback. 253 pages.

French: A Self-Teaching Guide, Second Edition, by Suzanne A Hershfield-Harris. 2000. Paperback.

French 2: All the Way, by Annie Hemingway. 1995. Paperback. Purchased 11.4.15.

French by Association, by Dr. Michael M. Gruneberg. Paperback.

French for Adults, by Charles Duff. Paperback. 1952. Purchased 11/11/15.

French for Beginners, by A. Wilkes and J. Shackell. Purchased 1/29/15

French Nouns and Their Genders Up Close, by Annie Heminway. 2012. Paperback. Purchased 5/29/15.

French for Xenophobes, by Drew Launay. Purchased 1/29/15

French: How to Speak and Write It, by Joseph Lemaitre. 1962. Paperback.

French I, (Cliff Notes) by Gail Stein

French in 10 Minutes A Day, by Kristine Kershul. 2005. Paperback.

French Idioms, by Francois Denoew. 1991. Paperback. Purchases 11/11/15.

French Is Fun: Book 1 (Second Edition), by Gail Stein and Heywood Wald.

French Phrasebook, by Lonely Planet Publications. 2003. Paperback.

French Phrases for Dummies, by Dodi-Katrin Schmidt, Michelle M Willians & Dominique Wenzel. 2004.

Paperback. Purchased 11/11/15 The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction, by William Doyle. 2001. Paperback. 123 pages.

French: Step by Step, by Charles Berlitz. 1979. Paperback.

A Frequency Dictionary of French: Core Vocabulary for Learners, by Deryle Lonsdale and Yvon Le Bras. 2009. Routledge. Paperback. Received 11/21/14.

Guide to French Idioms, by P. Lupson and M.L Pelissier. Paperback. 1987. Purchased 1/29/15

Le Guide du ZiZi Sexuel, by Helene Bruller. Hardback. 2001. Purchased 8/28/16

Hugo's French Simplified, No author. No publication date. Old. David McKay, Publisher. Hardback. Received 12/1/14.

Instant Immersion French, by Mary March. 2003. 116 pages. Purchased 7/85. Jardins Intemporels, by Nathalie Binart. 2003. Hardback. Purchased 11/11/14.

Just Enough French, 2d Edition, by P.L. Ellis and F. Clarke. 2005. McGraw Hill. Paperback. Purchased 5/20/2011.

How to Learn Any Language, by Barry Farber. 1991. Barnes & Noble. Hardback. Purchased 10/1/14.

Just Enough French: How to Get By and Be Easily Understood, by D.L. Ellis and F. Clark. 1986. Paperback.

Learn French with Stories, and MP3, by Frederic Bibard, no copyright date. Talk in French. Paperback, with MP3. 203 pages. Rec,d 8/27/15.

Let's Parler Franglais!, by Miles Kingston. 2004. Paperback.

McGraw-Hill's French Student Dictionary: Just the Essential Words Beginners Need to Know. Paperback. 2009. Purchased 5/29/15.

Merci, Monsieur . . . A Guide for Living in La Belle France, by June E. Rives. 2005. AuthorHouse. Paperback. Recieved 11/10/12.

Mistakable French: A Dictionary of Words and Phrases Easily Confused, by Philip Thody & Howard Evans. 1985. Paperback.

One Hundred and One French Idioms, by Jean-Marie Cassagne. 2009. Paperback. Purchased 5/29/15.

One Thousand and one Most Useful French Words, by Heather McCoy, PhD. 2012. Dover Publications. Paperback. Purchased December 30, 2014.

Painless French, by Carol Choutkins. 2008. Paperback.

Paris 360 Degrees, by Jacques Meunier. Hardback. 2006. Purchased 8/28/16.

Paris with Kids!, by Valerie Gwinner. 2006. Open Road Publishing. Paperback. Purchased 11/11/14.

Le Petit Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exopery. 1943. Paperback. 96 pages.

Pizza: Les Recettes Authentiques, by Laura Zavan. 2011. Hardback.

Practical French Review, by FB Barton and EH Sirich. 1954. Appelton-Century-Crofts, Inc. Hardback. 227 pages. Purchased 9/14/15.

Pronounce It Perfectly in French, by Christopher Kendris and Theodore Kendris. Third Edition. 2013, 2005, 1994. Barrons. Paperback. Received 11/21/14.

Puccini's La Boheme, Dover Books. 1984. Paperback.

Rick Steves' Pocket Paris, by Rick Steves. 2014. Paperback. Received 12/05/14.

Savoir Flair!, by Polly Platt. 2000. Culture Crossing. Paperback. Received 11/18/2014.

Short Stories in French: Parallel Text, Edited by Richard Coward. 1999. Paperback. Purchased 5/29/15.

Speaking Better French: The Key Words and Expressions You'll Need Every Day, by Saul H. Rosenthal. 2007.; Wheatmark. Paperback. Received 11/21/14.

Sweet Life in Paris, by David Lebovitz. 2009. Paperback. 282 pages.

Talk to the Snail: Ten Commandments for Understanding the French, by Stephen Clarke. 2006/ Bloomsbury. Hardback. Received 11/10/2014.

Tout Paris, by Giovanna Magi. Paperback. 1990. Purchased 8/28/16. Tune Up Your French, Second Edition, by Natolie Schorr. 2009. Paperback plus CD. 260 pages. Received 8/27/2015.

The Ultimate French Review & Practice, Second Edition, by David Stillman and Ronni Gordon. 2011. Paperback plus CD ROM. 426 pages. Received 8/31/2015.

We'll Always Have Paris: Sex and Love in the City of Light, by John Baxter. 2005. Harper Perenial. Paperback. Received 11/10/14.

Voyage en France, by Sylvie Laine. 2013. Paperback. 112 pages.

Created June 11, 2013

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