Firefly Reports from Maine
Selected by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

To submit your own report email
Please include your city/town and state, and the date of your sighting. Include as many details as you can, such as numbers of fireflies, location (rural/city/wooded area, etc), temperature, time, and so on. Thanks for helping with this project.

Below are reports from Maine, listed in date order, alphabetically by city.


June 18, 2005: Terri Jalbert writes: Hi from Biddeford, Maine, on June 18 2005. While looking out the second story window of my home, I observed about 18 different flashes in the field in front of the house. The field the fireflies occupy is natural (not cultivated) and is usually wet, but is very wet this year, due to the rainy spring. The temperature is about 58 at 10 PM. We have lived here since 2001, and have observed the fireflies every year. They are a wonderful sight and I pray they continue every year.

June 6, 2010: Chris Biggar reports: We have seen fireflies in Limington, Maine, tonight at 9:30. We were sitting in our hot tub and for about 10 minutes we saw about 10 fireflies. Our property is 3 acres of field surrounded by acres of woods on the top of a hill 30 miles north west of Portland, Maine.

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