Firefly Reports from Kentucky
Selected by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

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Please include your city/town and state, and the date of your sighting. Include as many details as you can, such as numbers of fireflies, location (rural/city/wooded area, etc), temperature, time, and so on. Thanks for helping with this project.

Below are reports from Kentucky, listed in date order, alphabetically by city.


July 7, 2005: A reader writes: Hi. We just moved here and there are a lot of fireflies out each evening. We live in Glasgow, Kentucky. Each night and more then we can count. We live on almost four acres in a city rural area. lots of large lots, with a wooded area on the property. It is very humid here and hot, 54% and a temperature range of 81 to 95 degrees each day, and it goes down to 60 degrees at night. The date we arrived was 7/4/05 and have seen them each evening.


Summer, 1997: A reader reported seeing large numbers of fireflies just outside of Louisville, Kentucky, in areas of the city just outside downtown. Louisville is in the Ohio River Valley with low elevation and high humidity. Light pollution is present.


June 10, 2012: A reader notes: Thanks for your website! I'm from Owensboro, Kentucky, and my husband, children, and I recently moved to Houston, Texas, in June of 2011. I haven't seen any lightning bugs since we moved down here, and I've been actively looking. Fortunately, we were back home in Owensboro during the first two weeks of May this year, 2012, and my children and I were thrilled able to see and catch several lightning bugs. We were staying with my mom, in the country, where wooded areas, ponds, deer, coyotes, and other such wildlife could be found. However, when living in Owensboro, Kentucky, my husband, kids, and I lived "in town" and saw them there too every night during early summer. We sprayed for mosquitoes and tried to rid our yard of standing water. We also lived next to a public facility where the lights stayed on until about 10 pm and the bugs came out anyway. It is just so much easier to see them when it is darker. I was always a little sad when driving at night and killing a lightning bug. For those of you who don't know, when they hit your windshield they continue to glow for several minutes.

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