Firefly Reports from Germany
Selected by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

To submit your own report email
Please include your city/town and state, and the date of your sighting. Include as many details as you can, such as numbers of fireflies, location (rural/city/wooded area, etc), temperature, time, and so on. Thanks for helping with this project.

Below are reports from Germany, listed in date order, alphabetically by city.


July 4, 1999: A reader writes: I now live and work in Heidelberg, Germany, but I'm originally from Scotland. I saw my first ever fireflies on the 3rd of July, 1999 in the woods around Heidelberg, walking home from work around eleven at night. There were many fireflies around, with (presumably) females stationary on grass and on branches, and males flying around displaying very bright lights. These woods are very close to houses and to street lights and I was surprised to see fireflies so close to sources of light. I wonder if they can discriminate between firefly light and other natural (the moon) and man-made sources of light at night? I was very impressed by these insects and felt a sense of wonder I could only recall from my childhood. That's why I found your web page. Hope you are successful in your project to encourage fireflies in your location.

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