Firefly Reports from Connecticut
Selected by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

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Please include your city/town and state, and the date of your sighting. Include as many details as you can, such as numbers of fireflies, location (rural/city/wooded area, etc), temperature, time, and so on. Thanks for helping with this project.

Below are reports from Connecticut, listed in date order, alphabetically by city.


July 9, 2002: Shanna writes: I remember while growing up there were tons and tons of fireflies . . . then, no more. It's just been the past 3 years or so that I'm seeing a reoccurence of them here in Fairfield, Connecticut. Sunday night, July 7, 2002, and in an all residential area. They were all over the place. First you don't see any. Then you spot one, then another, and another. It's wonderful. They seem to really make themselves known just before full dark hits, between 8:30 and 9 pm here. Once it's full night, you don't seem to see them.


June 9, 1999: A reader reports: We saw our first fireflies June 9, 1999. We saw approximately 5 or 6 - hard to say - but it was definitely a beautiful sight. It was just after it became dark, about 9:00 pm in Oxford, CT. Very much reminded me of Tinkerbell - they were brilliant in light and the brightest that I can ever remember! We are looking forward to seeing many more once the temperature becomes warmer. We moved from the city to the country in January of this year.


July 13, 2010: M. Nicole Morrison reports: I was in Westport, Connecticut, this past weekend, and the fireflies were out in full force around sunset on Saturday and Sunday. I, too, wish we had them in Houston. Do you think pollution in the area has anything to do with their absence? Thanks for maintaining this website. Take care.

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