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by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Houston Freeway Traffic Jams as Revealed by Freeway Cameras and Updated Once a Minute!

Paris Rally 11-20-21

My Page on Hurricanes in Houston

Rainfall information for Houston

Beekeeping in Houston

Favorites: In Search of Excellence

My Adventures with Ham Radio

My Adventures with Knots

My Page on Liberty

Some Things Every Texas Gun Owner Should Know

My Page on Motorcycles

My Adventures with NVC

Music I Like

US Naval Observatory Master Clock Time

Opposites Attract: Proverbial Wisdom

Collective Nouns: The More the Merrier

Outstanding Store-Bought Foods and Ingredients

My Page on Cowboy Action Shooting

Palace Boot Shop, R.I.P.

Newspapers and Magazines On Line

A Collection of Travel Resources

Transcripts From a Wonderful radio program called The Engines of Our Ingenuity discussing "The Way Inventive Minds Work" (Highly Recommended) Everything about sunless tanning products and how to use them.

Links to Web Sites I Find of Interest

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