The Hundred Dollar Egg Nog by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
The Hundred Dollar Egg Nog
by Donald Ray Burger


Egg Nog is a seasonal drink. It is hard to find other than around Christmas. This may be a good thing, given the high calorie count in great egg nogs. Still, sipping a fine egg nog is an annual winter ritual. I always knew one is supposed to use nutmeg on top of egg nog, and sometimes a liquor inside. I decided to forego the liquor, and went for the highest quality of nog and nutmeg.

Also, to enhance the whole experience, I use a Waterford liqueur glass to hold the drink. I like the Curraghmore pattern because the facets show of the contents of the glass, and the pattern has a rich, Victorian look. That is the reason I call this my One Hundred Dollar Nutmeg. The glass sets you back the hundred dollars, but the whole experience is much enchanced by the diminutive size and considerable weight of the container.

Befitting such stemware, only a quality egg nog will do. I have tried several, and most are too eggy for my taste. However, the Borden Premium Egg Nog (Rich Recipe) is very good. I highly recommend it over others I have tried. For the nutmeg, I recommend Penzeys Spices East Indies Ground Nutmeg. It has an intense bouquet and flavor, and really makes the drink.

The cordial glass holds just under two ounces. The Bordens Premium Egg Nog is 230 calories for four ounces. And 13 grams of fat. So, that two ounce serving will budget out at 115 calories and 6-1/2 grams of fat. Ouch. But, if you can hold yourself to just two of these servings, you can well afford this worthwhile luxury. And, in my not so humble opinion, this drink is worth every penny of that hundred dollars.


1 Waterford Curraghmore Liqueur crystal glass, 4 3/4" high
2 oz. Borden Premium Egg Nog
enough Penzeys Spices East Indies Ground Nutmeg to cover the top of the egg nog-filled liqueur glass
Time enough to savor the whole experience

Take out the Waterford, and polish it to a high gloss. Add the egg nog, to about an 1/8 from the top. Sprinkle on the nutmeg until the top of the drink is about 3/4th covered. Find a comfortble leather chair, sit back, and enjoy life.

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