Dutch Oven Cookbooks I Own
Compiled by Donald Burger, Attorney at Law

Camper's Guide to Outdoor Cooking, by John G. Ragsdale. 1989. Gulf Publishing Company. Paperback. 170 pages.

Cast Iron Cooking, by A.D. Livingston. 1991. The Lyons Press. Paperback. 143 pages.

Cooking Under Cover, by Linda & Fred Griffith. 1996. Rand, McNally. Hardback. 351 pages.

Cooking the Dutch Oven Way, by Woody Woodruff. 1989. ICS Books, Inc. Paperback. 166 pages.

Cooking Over Coals, by Mel Marshall. 1971. Winchester Press. Hardback. 314 pages.

Dutch Oven Cooking, by Ray Overton. 1998. Longstreet. Hardback. 122 pages. Geared for indoor dutch ovens.

Lodge Presents Chef John Flose's Cast Iron Cooking, by John Flose. 1999. Lodge Manfacturing Company. Paperback. 103 pages.

Lovin' Dutch Ovens, by Joan S. Larsen. 1991. LFS Publications. Hardback, notebook. 241 pages.

Northwest Dutch Oven Society (Seminar Edition). Paper. 41 pages.

Old-Fashioned Dutch Oven Cookbook, by Don Holm. 1996. Caxton Printers, Ltd. Paperback. 131 pages.

Roughing It Easy, by Dian Thomas. 1975. Warner Books. Paperback. 246 pages.

The Spicy Camp Cookbook, by M. Timothy O'Keefe. 1997. Menasha Ridge Press. Paperback. 135 pages.

Spirit of The West: Cooking from Ranch House and Range, by Beverly Cox and Martin Jacobs. 1996. Artisan. Hardback. 224 pages.

A Texas Treasury of Dutch Oven Cooking, Towns, Trails & Special Times: The Marlboro Country Cookbook, No author identified. No copyright date. No publisher identified. Hardback. 163 pages.

World Championship Dutch Oven Cookbook, by Kohler and Michaud. 1989. Paperback. 88 pages.

Last revised February 19, 2001

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