Pictures of Switch Stands on the Colorado & Southern
Compiled by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Harp Switch Stand:
Como: CSng page 18;
Dickey: SPL page 14
Pine Grove: CSng page 142;
Kenosha: CSng page 107
Pitkin Yard: SPL page 146
Red Hill: SPL page 119
location unknown: CSng page v;

Rectangle Switch Stand:
Buffalo Creek: SPL page 31
Silver Plume: CSng page 69

Round Switch Stand:
Argentine Central: GL page 70
Baileys: CSng page 99
Black Hawk: CSng page 80;
Boras: CSng page 109
Como: CSng pages 135, 149, 190;
SPL pages 226, 231, 242
Dillon: CSng pages 113, 147;
Silver Plume: GL page 94
Unknown Location: CSng 49
SPL page 211
NGCSP page 161

Four Part Switch Stand
SPL page 177

Obscured Switch Stand:
Jefferson: CSng page 102
Como: SPL page 229


CSng = C & S ng (Colorado & Southern Narrow Gauge) by Mallory Hope Ferrell. Pruett Publishing Company. 1981. First Edition, First printing.

CCGC = Central City and Gilpin County (Then and Now). by Robert L. Brown. The Caxton Printers, Ltd. 1994.

GL = Georgetown and the Loop, by P.R. "Bob" Griswold, Richard H. Kindig and Cynthia Trombly. Rocky Mountain Railroad Club. 1988. First Edition, 2d printing.

NGCSP = Narrow Gauge to Central and Silver Plume: Route of the Famed Georgetown Loop. (Colorado Rail Annual Number 10) by Cornelius W. Hauck, The Colorado Railroad Museum, 1972. 4th printing.

SPL =The South Park Line: A Concise History, (Colorado Rail Annual Number 12) by Gordon S. Chappell, Robert W. Richardson and Cornelius W. Hauck, The Colorado Railroad Museum, 1974. First Edition.

UCC = Up Clear Creek on the Narrow Gauge (Modeling the Colorado & Southern), by Harry W. Brunk. Benchmark Publications Ltd. 1990. 2d printing.

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