Pictures of Depots on the Colorado & Southern
Compiled by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Depot at Arvada
NGCSP page 190

Depot at Baileys
SPL page 217

Depots at Black Hawk
NGCSP pages 34, 114, 175, 209

Depot at Breckenridge:
SPL pages 109, 229

Depot at Buffalo:
SPL page 225

Depotat Central City
NGCSP page 208

Depot at Climax
SPL page 229

Depot at Dillon
SPL page 214

Depotat Forks Creek
NGCSP page 91

Depot at Golden
NGCSP page 207

Depot at Georgetown
UCC page 166

Depot at Gunnison
SPL page 137

Depot at Idaho Springs
NGCSP pages 126, 197, 198, 208

Depot at Jefferson
CSng page 223
SPL page 213

Depot at Leadville
SPL pages 215, 227

Depot at Shawnee
SPL page 238

Depot at Silver Plume
UCC pages 216, 227
NGCSP pages 100, 128, 222

Depot at South Platte:
SPL page 113


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GL = Georgetown and the Loop, by P.R. "Bob" Griswold, Richard H. Kindig and Cynthia Trombly. Rocky Mountain Railroad Club. 1988. First Edition, 2d printing.

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SPL =The South Park Line: A Concise History, (Colorado Rail Annual Number 12) by Gordon S. Chappell, Robert W. Richardson and Cornelius W. Hauck, The Colorado Railroad Museum, 1974. First Edition.

UCC = Up Clear Creek on the Narrow Gauge (Modeling the Colorado & Southern), by Harry W. Brunk. Benchmark Publications Ltd. 1990. 2d printing.

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