Pictures of Blackhawk, Colorado
Compiled by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Bobtail Mine, interior:
COG page 321

Depot (new and old):
CSng pages 74, 75, 79
NGCSP pages 114, 175, 209

Black Hawk Grocery Store:
UCC page 33

Boiler Works:
UCC pages 40, 41

CSng page 75

UCC pages 52, 53, 56, 583

Chicago Mill and Clear Creek House:
COG page 17

NGCSP page 144

Gilpin Hotel:
UCC page 62

Machine Shop (Bull Durham):
UCC pages 43, 58

COG page 24z
NGCSP pages 17, 64, 112, 113, 195
UCC page 43

Panorama in 1885 with store fronts:
COG page 253

Street view with store signs:
COG page 162

NGCSP pages 65, 66,67

CSng page 76
NGCSP page 175


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UCC = Up Clear Creek on the Narrow Gauge (Modeling the Colorado & Southern), by Harry W. Brunk. Benchmark Publications Ltd. 1990. 2d printing.

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