Cold-Eeze by Donald Burger, Houston, TX
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

Several studies have shown that zinc has the power to lessen cold symptoms and shorten the duration of a cold. The form of zinc used to conduct these double-blind studies is found in a product called Cold-Eeze.

Just before Christmas I felt a cold coming on. I bought a box of 18 cold-eeze tablets and began taking one every three hours while I was awake. In three days I had gone through the box. In three and one-half days I was over my cold. Of course, one never knows how bad a cold one might otherwise have had. But I was impressed enough to recommend this product. Since then I have had several occasions to use Cold-Eze. It is my firm opinion that this product will lesson the severity of a cold so long as you take the tablets when symptons first begin. The tablets have a pleasant cherry flavor and are relatively cheap for cold relief products. Give Cold-Eeze a try.

Cold-Eeze is manufactured by The Quigley Corporation.

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