Shotguns for Cowboy Action Shooting
by Donald Burger, Attorney at Law

I shoot a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun by Huglu. It has had an action job to make breaking it open easier and to make removing the shells easier. I purchased it from El Padrino (Lewis Ezsak) at the Range Wars in October of 2002.

Lots of CAS shooters shoot Winchester AA XTRA Lite Target Loads. They have 1 ounce of powder and come in Number 8 shot (among others). I noticed that Paladin (of Tejas Pistolero's) shoots Remington Premier STS Light Target loads (2-3/4) in 1 1/4 ounce Number 8 shot. He told me he prefers the Remingtons because the shells are a little slicker than the Winchesters, which makes them easier to extract from a double. To my fingers they do feel slicker. I bought a couple of boxes and they work great. They all ejected from the barrel when I broke it open withouut sticking. That's what I shootnow. I highly recommend them, and a big thanks to Paladin for telling me about them.

Last revised May 31, 2004

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