Cowboy Action Shooting Meets
by Donald Burger, Attorney at Law

Cowboy Action Shooting matches are sponsored by the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). In the Houston area we have three SASS clubs to chose from.

The Tejas Pistoleros Shooting Club has its range at Eagle Lake, about 14 miles southeast of Columbus. They shoot on the 4th Saturday and following Sunday of each month, except March and December. Practice sessions are held on the first Saturday of the month, and the following Sunday.

The Texas Historical Shootist Society has a range just northwest of Columbus, on FM 1890. They shoot on the third Sunday of the month, at 8:30 am and usually have practice sessions on the preceeding Saturday.

The Texas Regulators has its range just off Highway 290, about twenty miles west of Loop 610. They shoot on the 4th Saturday and Sunday of each month.

What to bring to a match:
_____ hat
_____ bandana
_____ 1890's shirt
_____ 1890's pants
_____ braces
_____ boots
_____ boot jack
_____ driving shoes
_____ spurs
_____ vest
_____ jacket
_____ pocket watch
_____ small note pad
_____ wooden pencil
_____ second bandana
_____ SASS badge
_____ ear plugs
_____ shooting glasses
_____ two pistols
_____ shotgun
_____ rifle
_____ holsters
_____ sheath knife
_____ 50 rounds of ammo for pistols
_____ 50 rounds of ammo for rifle
_____ 25 rounds for shotgun
_____ extra pistol ammo
_____ extra rifle ammo
_____ extra shotgun ammo
_____ gun cleaning kit
_____ range bag
_____ gun cart
_____ first aid kit
_____ spray paint pistol grip (for metal painting metal targets)
_____ cell phone (leave in car)
_____ lunch pail
_____ two bottles of water
_____ hot soup
_____ Spicy V8
_____ apples
_____ Luna bars
_____ baby carrots
_____ 1890's canteen
_____ handiwipes
_____ sun screen
_____ hand towel
_____ lip balm
Last revised May 2, 2004

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