Answers to Buffalo Trivia
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

1. What is a Buffalo Run?
C) A cliff, and especially the bottom of a cliff.

2. Who was Buffalo Bill?
B) William Cody

3. Which animal injures the most visitors to Yellowstone Park each year?
C) Buffalo

4. During what years was the Buffalo Nickel minted?
C) 1913 to 1938

5. Does Texas have a town named Buffalo? YES NO
If yes is it in:
B) East Texas

6. Why are they called Buffalo wings?
D) They were invented at a restaurant in Buffalo, NY.

7. Why were they called Buffalo Soldiers?
C) The hair of the black troops reminded the Indians of buffalo fur.

8. How many states do not have a town or city named Buffalo?
C) 16

9. Which of the following states does not have a town or city named Buffalo?
D) Arizona

10. One of the following does not exist. Which one?
B) Buffalo beetle

11. If you type in “buffalo” on, how many books will there be?
D) 994

12. What is the gestation period for a buffalo calf?
C) 9.5 months

13. During which month are most buffalo calves born?
B) May

14. How fast can buffalo run?
C) 30 mph

15. How long do buffalo live, on average?
C) 20 to 25 years

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