How to Make a Simple Label
for Your Honey Bears

by Donald Ray Burger

This article is for hobbyist beekeepers. If you are selling your honey you need a professionally produced label. However, if you are giving your honey away to family and friends, a home made label is entirely appropriate.

The labels I use on my honey are based on Avery 3” x 4” Removable Multi-Use Labels (Template Number 5453). With this product I can get 2 bee labels per Avery label which is four bee labels per sheet. Here is an example of one of my bee labels:

Size of Label before Trimming

Once I trim this label to fit it works perfectly on the flat surface of a twelve ounce honey bear (which I purchase from Dadant).

The problem is in the phrase “trim to fit.” I have little to no ability to make the label rectangular with nice right angles once I start cutting with scissors. And the label, as it comes from Avery, is too big to fit on a honey bear.

My solution is to borrow a pair of Maria’s pinking shears. They are fancy scissors that cut zigzag edge where you make a cut. Besides looking especially classy, that zigzag edge disguises the fact that the corners are right angles.

Also, these edges give a pleasing “home made” look to the labels that I think is appropriate for gifted honey.

I print these labels on an HP ink-jet printer. If you have a laser printer the color will be much more vivid. Kinko’s can be used for laser printing.

Written September 12, 2013

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