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Analysis of AG Opinion M-1005
Regarding the Texas Open Meetings Act
by Donald Ray Burger
Attorney at Law

This opinion is of limited usefulness. It is mainly of historical value.

The question presented was whether, in 1971, Article 6252-17 required posting of a notice of a meeting by the Board of Judges of Harris County for purposes of hiring a Purchasing Agent.

Under the version of the act then in effect, Attorney General Crawford Martin held that the notice provisions of then Section 3A did not apply.

The opinion is noteworthy only to illustrate that one must always be aware that AG Opinions, of necessity, are issued on versions of the TOMA before the AG at the time. If you encounter an AG Opinion that seems to go against your understanding of the TOMA, read the opinion carefully to determine whether amendments to TOMA have rendered the opinion irrelevant under current law.

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